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HomePod setup

Apple's HomePod Setup Might Feel Familiar to AirPod Users

August 22, 2017

The Apple HomePod setup process might look a lot like the one used for the company’s popular AirPods. This and other details were recently discovered in the newly released iOS 11 beta 7, according to iHelp BR.

The report notes HomePod will sync with iPhone and other iOS devices. As you can see above, the user interface looks similar to what you would observe when setting up a pair of AirPods.

They explain:

According to some images that we find in the internal files of the system, the pairing of the HomePod (codename B238) will be very similar to the AirPods wireless headphones. When you turn on the sound box for the first time, iOS will ask the user if they want to perform the setup with that iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. It will not be possible to set up a HomePod for Mac or Apple TV – although it is very likely that the device will work normally with them later.

An additional nugget possibly uncovered: HomePod setup might require Siri for the entire setup process. A four digit code might also be required to pair the speaker to another device.

The report also explains that HomePod users will be able to choose the accent and gender of the voice assistant, agree or disagree to send daily diagnostics to Apple, and agree to install updates manually or automatically through an iOS device. You’ll also be able to tell the system whether to sync all HomePods in a household at the same time or separately.

New information about HomePod and other upcoming Apple products has been growing in recent weeks thanks to the discovery of HomePod firmware and other documents.

The $329 speaker officially arrives in December.

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