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Hype Type

Make Your Instagram Stories Cooler With Animated Text From Hype Type

Motion typography for your photos and videos
April 11, 2017

With the millions and millions of people that’s sharing Instagram stories, you might want to make your own stories stand out. Sure, they’re bound to disappear after 24 hours anyway, but they can leave a long-lasting impression if you give them something special that other users’ stories don’t normally have. And that something special may very well be motion typography, which you can easily add to your stories by using a new app called Hype Type.

Different styles

Created by Split Pic developer Easy Tiger Apps, Hype Type is an app that lets you spruce up your photos and videos with motion typography — a fancy term for animated text.

To start with Hype Type, pick an existing photo or video from your device’s library or shoot a new still photo or video clip within the app. Then choose the animated text style and color scheme for your image caption, making sure you pick the ones that suit the vibe of your photo or video. Drag the text to move it around the image, double tap the text to edit your caption, and if you can’t think of something interesting to say, tap the quotation mark button to generate a random caption. You can also adjust where you want the motion typography to appear within the duration of the image.

Different tools

Aside from the different animated text styles and color schemes, Hype Type also provides easy-to-use editing tools for speeding up, slowing down, flipping, or reversing your videos. This means more ways for your stories to stand out beyond motion typography.

Once you’re satisfied with how your story looks, export it for sharing on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or wherever else you want to showcase your motion typography-enhanced photo or video.

Hype your Stories with automatically styled and designed motion typography.

Instead of using the same basic tools — the same basic fonts, in particular — that everyone else uses, you can use Hype Type to make your stories unique with motion typography and therefore more reflective of your lifestyle and personality. With additional tools for editing videos, Hype Type has more than enough to recommend itself for daily use and especially for capturing and sharing fascinating, amusing, or otherwise appealing moments, such as a trip to the summit of a mountain, a tasteful cooking video, or simply a fun night out.

Optimized for iPhone and iPod touch, Hype Type is available now on the App Store for free, with in-app purchases for unlocking all animated text styles and for removing the “Made With Hype Type” watermark on edited stories.

Hype Type: Animate text & typography on your story
Hype Type: Animate text & typography on your story
Easy Tiger Apps, LLC.