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iOS 10.3 update

Grab the Popcorn, Apple's iOS 10.3 Update Is Coming

Apple's Software
January 3, 2017

Apple is expected to introduce a iOS 10.3 update in the coming weeks. Like iOS 9.3 before it, this release is likely to be an important mid-year update, according to famed Apple blogger Sonny Dickson.

According to a Dec. 30 tweet, Dickson says iOS 10.3 is likely to include a new feature called “Theatre Mode.” The feature is going to be an enhanced form of Dark Mode, which is available on macOS.

Forbes speculates:

If Dickson is correct, the assumption is it will be a one button option to both dim the screen and mute audio and notifications thereby making a device acceptable for use in the theatre.

A dark mode for iOS was long rumored leading up to the September 2016 release of iOS 10.0. Instead of arriving on iOS, the feature launched on tvOS.

In recent years, Apple has used mid-year iOS updates to add new features. In March 2016, for example, iOS 9.3 introduced Night Shift mode, a revamped News app, and more. One year earlier, iOS 8.3 launched with significant emoji enhancements.

On Dec. 12, 2016, Apple released iOS 10.2 to the public. This update included new camera features, three new wallpaper options, a video widget, new emoji, and the TV app.

Dickson says that Apple plans on releasing the first iOS 10.3 beta to developers on Tuesday, Jan. 10. Other iOS 10.3 features have yet to leak.