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iOS 11 battery drain

How to Fix the iOS 11 Battery Drain on Your iPhone and iPad

October 16, 2017

Do you have an iOS 11 battery drain problem? You’re not alone. Luckily. there is a quick solution, as Quartz first noted.

It seems Apple promises improved battery performance with each new iOS device release. Unfortunately, those improvements seem to get squashed as soon as the company releases a significant iOS update.

In iOS 11, Apple has decided to automatically turn on the “Background App Refresh.” feature. In doing so, quick battery drains have become commonplace. The feature allows apps to constantly update and pull information from the internet even when the apps aren’t in use.

To tweak this setting, visit the Settings app under General > Background App Refresh. From there, uncheck the apps you don’t wish to update automatically.

A good rule of thumb: I have found you only need Background App Refresh turned on for email, news, and weather apps.

Once you adjust your settings, you should see the battery life on your iOS device improve after one to two cycles.

Have you experienced quick battery drains on your iOS 11-installed device? Let us know below. 

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