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iPhone 11 Pro Unboxing & Hands On

September 21, 2019

The iPhone 11/Pro/Max are now available worldwide with launch day supplies arriving. With that, we get to unbox and test the iPhone 11 Pro Max ourselves to highlight some of the new features in our iPhone 11 Pro unboxing.

The biggest change is the camera, with a new third lens that provides ultra-wide capabilities. It’s a smooth user interface to switch between the three zoom modes now available, and the ultra wide lens does indeed offer all new photo opportunities. You can even zoom out in portrait mode, as well as the front facing camera. The real highlight though, is the all new Night Mode, which is mostly just software based. The results offer a night and day difference (apologies for the pun). Taking a photo in a dark room makes it look as though a light was on, as long as you can hold your hand relatively steady for three seconds.

The phone itself isn’t only different with the new midnight green color. There’s a new stainless steel body with a matte finish, rather than glass and glossy. The iPhone 11 Pro. is slippery, so get a case or hold on tight to any of the new Pro models. It’s tough to notice the improvements of the A13 chip this early on. It’s worth noting that Apple is continuing the lightning connector on the phone itself, but the other end that plugs into the power adapter is USB-C.

Enjoy our video below to see the unboxing and hands on with the new iPhone 11 Pro Max.