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iPhone 7 photography

Apple Releases New Website, How-To Videos on iPhone 7 Photography

May 12, 2017

Apple launches a new site on iPhone 7 photography.

Want to learn how to take better photos with your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus? You’re in luck. Apple has introduced a new website and videos to help you become a better smartphone photographer.

At launch, the new site includes 16 videos with to topics ranging from how to take the perfect close-up to taking shots during the golden hour of the day.

The clips are as follows:

  • Shooting the perfect portrait
  • Taking a close-up
  • Performing a vertical Pano
  • Shooting without a flash
  • Action shooting
  • Using the timer
  • From a unique angle
  • Taking stills while filming
  • Snapping when there’s a street light
  • Shooting a bold and simple image
  • Taking advantage of the golden hour
  • The one-handed selfie
  • Editing a selfie
  • Taking a sunset silhouette
  • The group portrait
  • A backlit subject

Some of the videos are already on YouTube, including the following:

With the “iPhone 8” expected to feature an even better camera than the one found on the iPhone 7/iPhone 7 Plus, we can probably expect more how-to videos in the future.

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