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Samsung Galaxy S8

iPhone 7 Plus Destroys Samsung Galaxy S8 in Speedtest

April 7, 2017

A new video posted by popular YouTuber, EveryThingApplePro, puts Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus against Samsung’s latest and greatest phone, the Samsung Galaxy S8.

In the video, EverythingApplePro conducts a series of “real world” tests in which he starts by going through a list of applications including ones like Snapchat, Netflix, and a variety of video games. While at first it looks like the S8 is somewhat able to keep up, it begins to lose by a wide margin once he gets into game loading. The kicker is when he goes to render a 4-minute 4K video in which the iPhone 7 Plus is able to do it in half the time of the Galaxy S8. Even when it came to something as small as boot times, the iPhone 7 Plus was significantly faster than the Galaxy S8.

Can you imagine what the A11 will be like?