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iPhone 8 Launch Date

New Report Shows the 'iPhone 8' Launch Date Could Push Past September

Credit: Imran Taylor
iPhone 8 concept
March 3, 2017

Has the iPhone 8 launch date been delayed?

An interesting new report from Digitimes says that Apple plans on using its own in-house developed integrated fingerprint ID technology on the “iPhone 8.” In doing so, the handset’s launch date could be slightly delayed until later in the year.

iPhone 8 Launch Date Delayed?

iPhone 8 Launch Date Delayed?

Citing industry sources, the report out of Taiwan notes:

Apple has selected neither Synaptics’ Natural ID touch fingerprint sensor nor Qualcomm’s Sense ID fingerprint technology for its new OLED iPhones, and decided to use its own Authentec algorithm combined with Privaris glass identification technology to redesign a new fingerprint ID solution, according to industry sources.

Apple acquired Authentec in 2012, while its acquisition of Privaris happened in 2015. The former’s fingerprint sensor technology is already used on Apple’s Touch ID, while the Privaris purchase gave Apple dozens of patents relating to fingerprint and touchscreen technology.

Digitimes claims that the new fingerprint ID on the iPhone 8 will push the start of production on the device into September. The same report says the long-rumored “iPhone 7s” and “iPhone 7s Plus” will enter production in July.

Since 2012, Apple has announced new iPhones in September. In each case, from 2012 through 2016, the announced handsets were released to the public before the end of that month. Assuming the Digitimes report is correct, this could be the first time since 2011 when an iPhone release date was pushed into October or beyond. That year, the iPhone 4s was announced on Oct. 4 followed by a public release 10 days later.

This time around, again assuming the report is correct, Apple would likely announce all three new iPhones in September, but hold off launching the iPhone 8 until October or November.

While any iPhone 8 launch date delay is possible, I’d avoid getting too concern until other sources report news that’s similar.

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