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iphone 8 renderings

New iPhone 8 Renderings Show a Glass Back, Embedded Home Button

Apple Rumors
May 16, 2017

One week ago, Engadget received a highly detailed CAD file purportedly showing the smaller of the two upcoming iPhones. Now, iPhone 8 renderings based on that file have been released detailing what the handset could look like when it’s finally released later this year.

The renderings, which we’ve included here, including some interesting takeaways.

First, it looks like Apple is prepping a 5-inch and 5.8-inch iPhone this year. These would replace the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch sizes Apple has utilized since the iPhone 6 was released in 2014. Additionally, the long-rumored vertical dual camera could appear on both 2017 models. Until now only the iPhone Plus models have included a dual camera.

Additionally, as Engadget notes:

While the contour may look familiar, the back of the device will actually be covered in glass this time, which allows for the integration of wireless charging. This is hinted by what appears to be a carved out area for a wireless charging coil on the underside of the chassis, though we’re not at liberty to disclose related images.

Engadget cannot confirm the validity of the CAD file for which these iPhone8 renderings are based. However, they do note that the “nature of these files” lends them some credibility.


In related news, on Tuesday, Apple was awarded patents for a bezel-free screen, a depth mapping system, and an always-on Touch ID fingerprint sensor integrated into the display. Each of these features is expected on the iPhone 8. In total, Apple was awarded 56 new patents by the United States Patent & Trademark Office this week, according to PatentlyApple.

Cupertino’s expected to announce its next lineup of iPhones in September with a public release in October or November.

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