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Wireless Charging

Powermat CEO Says the 'iPhone 8' Will Feature Wireless Charging

Credit: Moe Slah
iPhone 8/iOS 11 concept
Apple Rumors
April 25, 2017

While the “iPhone 8” has been rumored to offer some type of wireless charging capability for some time, an interesting new comment from a major CEO could lend more credence to the information.

Ready for the mainstream?

Ready for the mainstream?

First noticed by 9to5Mac, Powermat CEO Elad Dubzinsik was quoted in a recent PR release about a new board member to his company:

“With the recent announcement by Apple that wireless charging will become a standard feature in the next iPhone, we are finally at the threshold of mainstream adoption,” said Mr. Dubzinski.

Dubzinski’s claim of a “recent announcement” by Apple more than likely refers to the company officially joining the Wireless Power Consortium in early February. But he could also know other unreleased information. Either way, expect to see the next-generation iPhone to offer the technology.

Wireless charging may also be a feature of any other new iPhone models released this year.

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