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MU Origin update

MU Origin Update Lets You Do Battle With Up to 100 Players

Welcome to Battlefield of Heroes
Pocket Gaming
April 25, 2017

Just when you thought MU Origin couldn’t get any more action-packed, here comes the latest update to the popular free-to-play real-time dark-fantasy mobile MMORPG developed by site sponsor Webzen. The new MU Origin update, which brings the game to version 1.7, introduces new ways to play that are sure to keep players, whether old or new, tapping and swiping for hours on end.

Foremost among the changes brought by the new MU Origin update is Battlefield of Heroes. This new addition is a cross-server scrap that features up to 100 players — that’s a massive 50 vs. 50 battle. To win it, you have to team up with warriors from all servers to compete in defeating the boss. Rewards await victors in the PvP, but there are also extra points to be won from hunting bosses and mining. Just be sure to be there when it happens, though: Battlefield of Heroes runs every Tuesday and Friday from 9 to 10 p.m. server time.

If you want more, there’s also the new Battle Core system. This is a cross-server event featuring an 8 vs. 8 battle, with points awarded for gathering chalices and beating opposing players. Battle Core is available for you to enter daily at certain times.

With the new MU Origin update, you can now also team up with five players from different servers to fight in two new server dungeons, Harmageddon and Elemental War. In the former, you have to take out the final boss in less than 15 minutes, and in the latter, you have to fight endless waves of attacks.

The new MU Origin update also introduces the new Relic and Soul Stone systems. You acquire special buffs by collecting pieces of four golden Relics and enhancing them, and you can add special elemental stats by mining and leveling up Soul Stones.

Further, the new MU Origin update brings a new costume system and new pets for your character.

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