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Flickr: iPhone Remains World's Most Popular Camera in 2017

Credit: Chris Frank
“Big and Bigger“
December 7, 2017

It’s Flickr official. Apple’s iPhone remains the most popular camera of the year. The distinction is just one of the goodies uncovered in the site’s 2017 Year in Review statistics.

This year, Apple’s iPhone once again bested dedicated camera makers. Of those photographers who uploaded photos to Flickr this year, 54 percent used an iPhone. Canon (23 percent) and Nikon (18 percent) followed.

Photos snapped with a smartphone accounted for 50 percent of all images uploaded. DSLR cameras came at No. 2 (33 percent), followed by point-and-shoot (12 percent), and mirrorless cameras (4 percent).

Which iPhones were most popular? Most of the iPhone images were taken with older handsets, including the iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, and iPhone 5s. In total, iPhones accounted for 9 of the Top 10 Devices of 2017, with the Canon 5D Mark III representing the only non-Apple product on the list.

Flickr explains:

When it comes to brands, Apple iPhones remained the dominant camera models, with 54% of the top 100 devices being named iPhone and an almost clean sweep of the top 10 Devices of 2017, accounting for 9 our of the top 10 devices. The Canon 5D Mark III placed 9th in the Top 10 Devices on Flickr of 2017. The iPhone6, iPhone6s, and iPhone5s were the most popular iPhone cameras respectively. Canon was the second largest brand used by photographers on Flickr, responsible for 23% of the top 100 devices. Nikon was the third most popular brand of 2017, with 18%.

Best Photos of 2017

Best Photos of 2017

As they do, Flickr also highlighted the top photos of 2017 in various categories and by each country, including:

Top 25 Photos

say goodbye...

Top 25 Photos in the United States


Best Black and White Photography of the Year

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Best Landscape Photography

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