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iPhone X Preorders

Analyst Estimates 9-12 Million iPhone X Preorders in Last Three Days

Apple Rumors
October 30, 2017

Since iPhone X preorders kicked off early on Friday, Oct. 27, a new analyst report estimates anywhere from 9-12 million orders placed. The note from Jun Zhang of Rosenblatt Securities was first reported by Philip Elmer-DeWitt.

The estimate was made from the apparent iPhone X increasing production schedule and the current wait time for current orders.

While the iPhone X preorder volume was “strong” according to Zhang, the volume dipped dramatically after the first day, probably due to long wait times.

Currently, any buyers placing an order today will be waiting anywhere from five to six weeks for their handset to arrive.

Available in a black or white color, a 64GB version of the handset is $999 while a 256GB edition is $1,149.

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