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TrueDepth Camera

The iPhone X TrueDepth Camera's Still Difficult to Produce

September 26, 2017

The TrueDepth camera on the iPhone X is causing Apple major headaches just four weeks before pre-orders for the device are set to begin. At issue are continued production issues with the 3-D sensors found on the camera, according to Asian Review.

Yield rates on the 3-D sensors found on the device’s TrueDepth camera remain low. For now, however, it’s unclear whether this could impact on supply.

These sensors help control the device’s most important new feature, Face ID, which customers will use to unlock the phone and make Apple Pay purchases.

As the report explains:

Two executives working for iPhone suppliers told Nikkei Asian Review that 3-D sensor part makers are still struggling to reach a satisfactory level of output, and to boost their yield rate. This rate measures the number of usable or saleable units from a batch of components or final products produced. A low yield rate is likely to hurt a company’s margins and bottom line.

First announced on Sept. 12, the iPhone X has a launch date of Friday, Nov. 3 with pre-orders beginning on Oct. 27. Besides Face ID, the 5.8-inch handset includes an OLED display, wireless charging, dual cameras with improved depth sensing, and more.

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