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iPhone X

Expect Long Wait Times for the iPhone X After 8 am ET Tomorrow

October 26, 2017

It will more than likely be a long wait for the iPhone X for anyone who orders after 8 a.m. ET tomorrow. According to analyst Gene Munster, via Philip Elmer-DeWitt, any buyers who place an order past that time will probably wait anywhere from four to six weeks.

Here’s more from Munster’s note:

Given well-documented production bottlenecks (screen and TrueDepth camera) we expect lead times for both capacities to reach 4-6 weeks by 8 am ET and remain largely unchanged in the days to follow. We expect lead times of 4-6 weeks for the month of November. We believe the iPhone X will reach global supply-demand equilibrium sometime in the March quarter, or 3-4 months after launch. Typically it takes 2-3 months for a new iPhone to reach global supply-demand equilibrium…

In general, if we see lead times of 4-6 weeks the morning of Oct. 27th as a sign that demand for the iPhone X is trending more favorable than investor expectations. If by Sunday, the 29th lead times are below two weeks we’d be concerned about underlying demand.

So if you’re looking to snag the new handset quickly, make sure to log on and order at 12:01 a.m. PT.

Available in a black or white color, a 64GB version of the handset is $999 while a 256GB edition is $1,149.

Ready, set, order