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iris scanning

Report: The Next iPhone to Feature Iris Scanning for Authentication

February 10, 2017

The “iPhone 8” could include iris scanning biometric technology for authentication, according to Digitimes. The feature was once not expected to launch on Apple devices until next year.

iPhone 8 concept

iPhone 8 concept

Credit: Handy-Abovergleich

According to the Taiwanese website, the iPhone 8 will allow you to unlock the device using your eyes. The biometric technology might also be used for Apple Pay.

Just like your fingerprint, each iris – the colored part of the eye – is a unique and random pattern that differs from each person.

Back in July, the same publication said that Apple would offer iris scanning technology on iPhones beginning in 2018. It seems that date has been pushed forward to include this year’s 10th anniversary iPhone.

The latest report also notes that production on Apple’s newest handset will begin earlier than in past years. The change has to do with “more stringent inspection requirements” and not to meet an earlier release date. Barron’s reported similar news earlier in the week.

Cupertino is expected to unveil at least three new iPhone models in September. The most anticipated of these, the so-called iPhone 8, is expected to include a new design with a 5.8-inch OLED display. The other two models, the “iPhone 7s” and “iPhone 7s Plus” are expected to retain the look found on the current iPhone models.

It’s been a busy week for iPhone news.

Earlier this week, Fast Company reported that Apple’s next phone could exceed $1,000 due to new parts and rising costs. We also heard that wireless charging could be featured on all 2017 iPhone models.

Are you looking forward to iris scanning on your next iPhone? Let us know using the comments below. 

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