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Learn Absolutely Everything You Can do With Siri on This Great New Site

The virtual assistant is even integrated into the latest version of macOS
Apple's Software
August 1, 2016

From humble beginnings on the iPhone 4s, Siri has continued to become a more important part of the iOS ecosystem with each passing year and is even a major feature on the Apple TV and Apple Watch. The virtual assistant will even be part of the new macOS Sierra, which will officially arrive in the fall.

A great resource

A great resource
Bookmark now.

Bookmark now.

And if you’re interested in learning more about what Siri can help you do, definitely make sure to head over to a new site aptly named

The awesome site showcases exactly what can be done using Siri. The different commands are broken down into separate categories like Conversion, Apps & App Store, Notifications, FaceTime, Messaging, and many more.

Even if you think you’re a Siri expert, I’m sure there will be something on the list that surprises you.

You can take a look at specific commands for iOS and the Mac in either English or German.