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Memoji from Facetune

Turn Your Face Into an Emoji With Memoji From Facetune

Your face is about to go viral
April 3, 2017

In modern communication, emojis have become ubiquitous, especially with the rise of messaging apps on iPhones and other mobile devices. They help us express different emotions along with words, and even in the absence thereof. More than just literal icons, they have become pop culture icons in their own right. But what if we told you that instead of merely sending emojis, you can create and share an image where you transform into one? Well, you better believe it, because that’s exactly what Memoji from Facetune enables you to do.

Your face is about to go viral.

Become an emoji

If you think that Memoji simply lets you use an emoji like a sticker over your face and leaves it at that, think again. With Memoji, your face turns into an emoji — that is, it’s animated à la Snapchat’s face filters, in comical imitation of the expression associated with your chosen emoji.

Using Memoji to turn your face into an emoji is so easy. All you have to do is load a photo from your gallery or snap a new pic, select the emoji you want to become, and then share your emoji transformation as a GIF, video, or still image (albeit with a promotional Memoji badge at the bottom). That’s it. In no time, you’ll be: crying of laughter, snorting, blowing heart-shaped kisses, growing devilish horns, grinning from ear to ear, shedding a tear, going green with nausea, smiling with heart-shaped eyes, getting disappointed, wearing shades essentially telling people to deal with it, or even being a bright and bubbly unicorn.

Emojify yourself

It’s just a shame that Memoji has such a small selection of emojis to transform into, which is to say that the app’s future updates should be focused on adding more. It would also be nice to be able to remove the promotional Memoji badge that appears at the bottom of the transformation GIFs, videos, and images when they’re shared.

Nevertheless, Memoji is a neat app that does what it says and does it well. It uses artificial intelligence with advanced facial recognition and image processing technologies to work its magic. This means that it can be used to “emojify” any photo that has a human face, whether it’s a picture of someone else (such as your significant other or your favorite celebrity) or an image of a famous artwork (like the “Mona Lisa” or the Statue of Liberty). In any case, the steps for Memoji’s face-to-emoji transformation remain simple and straightforward.

Memoji was created by Lightricks, the same developer behind the popular portrait editing app Facetune. It was actually released for April Fool’s, with Nir Pochter, chief marketing officer of Lightricks, saying the following in a statement: “While the world is busy applying AI to silly ventures like autonomous vehicles and data analysis, we’re taking it to where the need is greatest – making us more sophisticated emotional beings — emojis.” But as it turned out, more than just a short-lived prank, Memoji could be actually used in creating emoji-based meme-tastic pics, reaction GIFs, and perhaps even viral videos.

Optimized for iPhone and iPod touch, Memoji from Facetune is available now on the App Store for free.

Memoji from Facetune
Memoji from Facetune
Lightricks Ltd.