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Microsoft adds Sunrise-like calendar app integrations to Outlook for iOS

After acquiring Sunrise Calendar, Microsoft is bringing back some of the app's best features - starting with Wunderlist, Evernote, and Facebook integration
April 8, 2016

After acquiring and discontinuing Sunrise Calendar, it seems Microsoft is set to incorporate some of the popular application's functionality into its own capable Outlook for iOS, beginning with a new feature called “Calendar Apps.”

Catch up on the story so far

According to a recent blog post from Microsoft, Calendar Apps for Outlook on iOS aims to replicate Sunrises's app integration feature, which allowed users to plug a range of third-party applications into the calendar in order to share and access important information. This, Microsoft explains, is set to begin with three iOS apps: Wunderlist, Facebook, and Evernote.

To get started, connect your Wunderlist account with Outlook. Simply swipe from the left while in Outlook’s calendar and next to Calendar Apps tap the Add button. Now, thanks to a little Outlook-Wunderlist magic, all of your to-dos with a due date appear on your calendar in the All Day section. But what about your all-important notes? Just tap to-do and you’ll have all the details you need.

The same goes for Facebook and Evernote: Facebook Events, for instance, will appear inside of the calendar interface in Outlook (including, of course, the birthdays of your friends and family), and Evernote to-dos will also pop up here, too.

The plan for Outlook is to add more and more services over time, and Microsoft explains that users can request new features inside the application (using Settings, then Help & Support, and finally Suggest a Feature). Though, I'd guess Microsoft's first priority is going to be to restore as much as Sunrise's functionality as possible: Sunrise Calendar was a great application (it was my calendar of choice), and I really hope Outlook lives up to our expectations.

You can download Microsoft's Outlook for iOS free of charge using the link below; it's optimized for the iPhone/iPod touch, iPad, and Apple Watch.

Microsoft Outlook - email and calendar
Microsoft Outlook - email and calendar
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