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Most Expensive Place to Buy iPhone Is No Longer Brazil

Apple Store, Zorlu Center, Istanbul, Turkey
May 4, 2017

Deutsche Bank’s annual “Mapping the World’s Prices” report shows that Turkey is now the most expensive place to buy an iPhone. The survey was first reported on Business Insider.

Turkey took over the top spot from Brazil this year because of a “combination of political instability” and “the big ramp in US dollar appreciation against global currencies after Donald Trump’s win smashed the Lira late last year.”

The price for an iPhone 7 in the transcontinental country is 147 percent higher than what you would pay for the device in the United States; $1,200 vs. $815 for the 128GB model. As of today, May 4, a 128GB iPhone 7 would cost $1,210 in Turkey, as one U.S. dollar equals 3.55 Turkish liras.

Not surprising, the iPhone is least expensive in the U.S. (as well as Japan).

Brazil is now No.2 on the list, followed by Russia, Greece, and Poland. At the other end of the spectrum, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Canada only see a small premium over U.S. prices.


Here’s the entire list:

Apple’s expected to unveil its 2017 iPhone lineup this fall. The upcoming handset could include an OLED screen, among other new features.

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