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MyScript Nebo is the Only Tool You’ll Ever Need for Taking Notes

September 24, 2019

We all have our own note-taking habits. Some like to get a laptop out and clatter away on it while everybody speaks. Others pop an iPad on their laps, or jot things down discreetly on paper, hoping they’ll be able to read what they’ve written later on.

Whatever kind of note-taker you happen to be, Nebo will almost certainly let you do your thing better.

First up, it lets you draw and write using an Apple Pencil, Logitech Crayon, Samsung S-Pen, or whichever active pen you can get your hands on. Or, you can just type stuff in using a keyboard.

Thanks to developer MyScript’s ingenious Interactive Ink technology, you can then convert your handwriting into typeset text. Nebo recognizes 65+ languages, and converts symbols too.

Impressively, the app lets you make word processor-style edits to your handwritten text, and even type into your own handwriting onto the screen. It’s like magic.

With your pen, meanwhile, you can manipulate text, arrange documents, perform edits, and all manner of things with a few intuitive swipes and stabs.

Nebo is essentially a word processor and more but with the natural functionality of a notepad. Once you’ve jotted down your text you can break it up into paragraphs, organize it into bullet-pointed lists, create interactive diagrams, paste in text from outside, turn your own handwriting into typeset text, make and insert images, annotate them, and much more.

And the word processor functionality works just as well with your own handwriting as it does with typed text, even allowing you to search for words and phrases in your own messy hand.

Once you’ve got your text into the best possible shape, you can export it into every format you might need, including .pdf, .ppt, .docx, and so on. Plus, you can sync your work with iCloud, Google Drive, or Dropbox.

There are already well over a million users getting the most out of their notes with Nebo, and the app has racked up impressive user ratings of 4.4 and 4.2 on the App Store and Google Play respectively.

Download it right now to see what all the fuss is about. It’s available in the App Store and Google Play.