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Netflix Update Brings HDR Content for the 2017 iPad Pro Line, iPhone X, iPhone 8

Connected Theater
September 21, 2017

A new Netflix update has just brought HDR video content for anyone with a 2017 iPad Pro. You’ll also be able to view HDR content on the upcoming iPhone X and the iPhone 8/iPhone 8 Plus.

The best way to see HDR content is just search for "HDR."

The best way to see what HDR content is available on a 10.5-inch or 12.9-inch iPad Pro is to search for “HDR.” Currently, it looks like only Netflix original series and movies are available in HDR. As the name suggests, HDR produces a wider range of colors.

Netflix is a universal app for the iPhone, all iPad models, and the Apple TV and Apple TV 4K. It can be downloaded now on the App Store for free, but you will need to purchase a subscription.

Arriving tomorrow, the Apple TV 4K also supports HDR content.

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