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Apple Instagram Account Launches, Extends 'Shot on iPhone' Campaign

August 7, 2017

An official Apple Instagram account has finally launched. Instead of posting company news, however, the account looks like an extension of its popular “Shot on iPhone” ad campaign.

Most of the first images and videos through the Apple Instagram account show some variance of the #ShotoniPhone tag. Each post also includes the names and accounts of those who created the content.

Though Apple hasn’t confirmed this, it looks like tagging your creations on Instagram with #ShotoniPhone could solicit a response by Apple or an invitation to contribute to a future “Shot on iPhone” ad.

At the time of this writing, nearly 900,000 Instagram posts are using the #ShotoniPhone tag.

Apple seems to have chosen the perfect month to launch an official presence on Instagram with a focus on iPhone photography as August is a popular time to take outdoor shots. The move could also serve as a nice launching pad for the new camera features incoming on this year’s new handsets, including the “iPhone 8,” “iPhone 7s, and “iPhone 7s Plus.”

New iPhones are likely to be announced next month.

You can visit @apple on Instagram by following the link.

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