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Open-World MMORPG RebirthM Launches

January 24, 2019

Looking for a new mobile MMORPG to play this week? Well, look no further than RebirthM.

It’s got everything you look for in the genre. There’s a truly open world to explore that’s chock full of content. You can play through the story, battle your way through a ton of sidequests, or battle it out with your fellow players in PvP.

Take a glance at the game in action, and two things immediately stick out. The first is that the visuals are absolutely gorgeous – reminiscent of an action RPG on console even. You might not even believe it’s going to work on a console.

Then there’s the combat system, which is ridiculously stylish. You’ll pull off awesome moves that will decimate your opponents, with a variety of different combat styles available thanks to the different classes.

These include the Slayer, Berserker, Wizard, and Ranger, which combine to cater to all tastes. Slayers are stealthy and skilled with knives, Rangers take down opponents with accuracy from afar, Wizards can cast a variety of spells, and Berserkers deal epic damage at melee range.

And there’s a wide variety of content to take on as your favorite character. You can battle through a single player storyline, take on a wide variety of side quests, or challenge yourself in the Elite Dungeon Challenges. These pit you against extremely tough opponents in exchange for special rewards – if you survive.

Then there’s a wealth of PvP modes. You can join a guild with fellow players and battle other guilds or duke it out in the PK survival mode. This is basically a battle royale mode in which you duke it out against enemy players to see who’s the best.

If you prefer to play with other players you can do so in epic raid battles. These allow up to 20 players to battle alongside each other against tough opponents.

And there’s so much more to come. Throughout the course of the year, brand new special challenges, seasonal events, and daily missions will launch, providing a wide variety of unique rewards to the players.

So go ahead and grab RebirthM on the App Store or Google Play right now.