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Apple Pencil

More Patents Hint That Apple Pencil Support Could Eventually Come to iPhone

Apple Rumors
August 24, 2017

Two new patents first discovered by Patently Apple show that Apple Pencil support could eventually make its way to the iPhone.

Here’s more from the report:

Today two more patent applications from Apple about Apple pencil working with a smartphone have surfaced. For the first time, Apple’s patent verbiage actually listed the ‘iPhone’ as a target product for Apple Pencil.

In patent application 20170242499 titled “Noise Correction for a Stylus Touch Device,” Apple notes that their patent figure 1 shows a touch screen such as a ‘smartphone or tablet.’ The patent later specifically clarifies that the smartphone and tablet are indeed an iPhone and iPad.

The newly discovered patents aren’t the first hinting that support for the stylus will eventually make its way to the iPhone.

Currently, the $99 stylus can only be used with an iPad Pro. Starting with iOS 11, there will be a number of new features that take advantage of the Apple Pencil. For example, users will be able to place the stylus tip on the lock screen and immediately start taking notes.