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Runtastic’s Runtasty App Serves Up Healthy Recipes With How-To Videos

A cooking companion to your training plan
In The Kitchen
April 7, 2017

It goes without saying that engaging in workouts is not enough to help you get fit. Eating healthy is also key if you are to achieve the body you’ve always wanted. Runtastic is well aware of this. “You might be working out really hard,” the Adidas-owned fitness company says, “but if your nutrition is not on point you won’t get the best results.” And so it has come out with Runtasty, a recipe app that’s meant to be a cooking companion to your training plan.

Your complete healthy recipe book right in your phone.

Dietitian-approved recipes

The aptly named Runtasty may be best described as a cross between Runtastic’s focus on fitness and BuzzFeed’s Tasty cooking videos. Essentially, the app features a number of dietitian-approved recipes that require minimal ingredients, presented with visually appealing videos that show how the recipes are done, step by step.

Recipes in Runtasty may be filtered by category, enabling you to find ones that match your dietary preferences and restrictions (e.g. fish and seafood, vegan, low-carb, gluten-free, high-protein, post-workout, ready in 15 minutes, breakfast, etc.). There are also recipe icons that indicate attributes such as preparation time and food allergies, allowing you to see at a glance whether a recipe is right for you.

Kitchen hacks

Every recipe also includes a breakdown of nutritional facts (such as calories, carbs, protein, and fat) to make counting macros simple. If you see a recipe that you’d like to make again and again, just “heart” it to quickly access it in the app’s favorites section.

Runtasty also features additional how-to videos of useful kitchen hacks that you can apply as you prepare your meals. With these, you can learn tips on how to properly cut an onion, avocado, or mango, poach eggs, peel ginger, boil eggs in the oven, and cook the perfect steak.

Runtasty is a nifty little app that makes healthy eating simple, especially for fitness buffs who want to make sure that the efforts they’re exerting on exercise don’t go to waste because of haphazard eating habits. It features a collection of dietitian-approved, minimal-ingredient recipes across a variety of categories — Hummus-crusted chicken with veggies or colorful quinoa salad, anyone? — accompanied by step-by-step instructional videos that are as easy to follow as they are pleasing to watch.

Optimized for iPhone and iPod touch, Runtasty is available now on the App Store for free.

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Runtasty - Healthy Recipes & Cooking Videos
Runtasty - Healthy Recipes & Cooking Videos