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Save the World from a Pandemic in the New Plague Inc. Expansion

November 12, 2020

First announced earlier this year, a new Plague Inc. expansion is here.

And The Cure flips the usual gameplay on its head. Instead of trying to end the world, you’ll be controlling the response to a global pandemic.

Here’s what you’ll be tasked with:

Hunt the Disease: Dispatch research teams around the world to find patient zero, track the spread of the outbreak, boost testing capacity and support local responses.

Control the Outbreak: Implement measures such as contact tracing, lockdowns and border closures to limit the spread of the outbreak, whilst getting people to wash their hands and preparing hospitals to prevent them getting overwhelmed.

Support the Economy: People won’t comply with poorly designed quarantine/lock down measures; use furlough schemes and other policies to drive community support and consensus.

Develop a Vaccine: ​Research, manufacture and distribute a vaccine to stop the disease. Work carefully and promote global cooperation to accelerate development.

Developer Ndemic Creations said back in March that the update was developed in cooperation with experts from the World Health Organization and Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network.

Plague Inc. is designed for the iPhone and all iPad models. It can be downloaded now on the App Store for $0.99. The Cure expansion is free.