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Say Goodbye to Facebook Paper

The app provided a different take on the ubiquitous News Feed
June 30, 2016

Facebook is shutting down its beautiful, but barely used, Paper app.

A different kind of Facebook

A different kind of Facebook

First reported by The Verge, the app has been removed from the App Store and will cease to function all together after Friday, July 29.

“Our goal with Paper was to explore new immersive, interactive design elements for reading and interacting with content on Facebook, and we learned how important these elements are in giving people an engaging experience,” the company said in its message to users.

Originally launching back in early 2014, the app was a decidedly different take on the popular Facebook app. Paper took your News Feed and presented it as a deck of animated cards that combined text, photos, and videos along with other Web publications.

Along with the beautiful design, the app was also ad free, which was a major plus.