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Scheduled app schedule text messages

Schedule Text Messages With the Scheduled App for iPhone

A reminder for your messenger
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April 5, 2017

Have you ever needed to send an important text message to someone at a later time, only to forget all about it when the time came? Or have you ever set a reminder for a text message you needed to send but when the reminder went off, some details had already slipped your mind? A new app called Scheduled is here to help, allowing you to quickly and easily schedule text messages on your iPhone.

Never forget to stay in touch with people that matter to you

Schedule what you want to send

Here’s how Scheduled works. First, you schedule a text message by choosing the contact you want to send it to, entering the text message you want to send, and specifying the date and time you want the text message to be sent. You will then get reminded when it’s time to send the text message, and you can choose the messaging app you want to use with the text message already copied in the message field — the app supports Messages, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Twitter, Mail (for emailing the message), and Phone (for calling the contact to deliver your message yourself).

Get reminded when it’s time to send

It’s worth noting that because of restrictions on iOS, Scheduled cannot schedule text messages for automatic sending. It can only remind you when it’s time to send the text messages, as scheduled. But nevertheless, it provides a straightforward and effective workaround as it helps you schedule text messages, get reminded to send the text messages, and be prompted to send them using your preferred messaging app with the text message already in place (no more copying and pasting or composing on the spot).

With Scheduled, you’ll never forget to send important text messages to people who matter to you when it matters. If you want to be reminded to send heartfelt birthday greetings (the app can import birthdays from your calendar), wish somebody good luck on an important endeavor, follow something through with a colleague or client, remind your partner to buy something on his or her way home, or schedule text messages for whatever purpose, Scheduled is an app that you simply must have.

Optimized for iPhone and iPod touch, Scheduled is available now on the App Store for free, with a $0.99 in-app purchase for the ability to schedule more than three text messages.

Scheduled — A reminder for your messenger
Scheduled — A reminder for your messenger
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