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Severe weather could delay your 9.7-inch iPad Pro or iPhone SE order

The storm is affecting the midwest and east coast, and it could delay your latest Apple shipment
March 31, 2016

Folks expecting their new 9.7-inch iPad Pro or four-inch iPhone SE to arrive today could see their shipment delayed. But the problem isn't down to Apple's logistics, supply chain constrains, or general low stock. Instead, a mighty storm affecting a large chunk of the eastern United States could result in your precious cargo arriving a day or two later than expected.

Weather you can't plan for

Weather you can't plan for

Weather you can't plan for

The news comes from 9to5mac: as the publication highlights, a number of 9.7-inch iPad Pro and iPhone SE orders have been delayed by a huge storm that's affecting the midwest and parts of the east coast. These customers have received messages informing them of the delays, with FedEx also having posted a public service alert to its website explaining that “heavy rain and thunderstorms” are impacting services at its Memphis hub.

Depending on the route your order takes, this could be an issue:

The culprit to potential iPhone SE and iPad Pro delivery delays is a giant thunderstorm band stretching across the midwest toward the east coast. My own pre-ordered Apple hardware comes from a fulfillment center in Nashville, Tennessee, then goes north to Kentucky, down to Pensacola, Florida, and across Mobile, Alabama before reaching my front porch.

- 9to5mac

Obviously, keeping a close eye on your tracking information would be a smart move.

Your other options

For anyone looking to pick up a 9.7-inch iPad Pro or iPhone SE today, there are still other options. As 9to5mac rightly adds, there's the chance Apple Stores might still be carrying stock, and third-party retailers (like Best Buy) would be worth a shot, too.

But of course, if you've got an iPad Pro or iPhone SE already on the way, you're going to want to hold out and wait for the package to arrive. Here's hoping the storm doesn't slow them down too much!