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Soft Launch of Symmetria Shows a Minimalist, Charming Puzzle Game for iOS

Get OCD with this fast-paced puzzler that's all about symmetry
Pocket Gaming
November 14, 2016

Perfectionists should get a kick out of this puzzle game for iOS, soft-launched in Canada, New Zealand, and The Netherlands.

Are you the kind of person who adjusts the artwork in other people’s homes? Do you aggressively match your own socks?

If so, Symmetria: Path to Perfection may be the iOS game for you.

Originally titled Cartesian, Platonic Game’s newly renamed puzzler starts easy, then gets harder, and always challenges you to make things symmetrical.

Symmetria was made to render that strange, yet universal satisfaction that produces symmetry as an elegant, challenging and simple game, always handily waiting in your phone for when your little itch craves for a little reward.

- Platonic Games

With Symmetria, you’ll tap various squares to reflect the pattern you see in each of the more than 75 levels available. You can battle your friends in 2-player mode on the same device, or see how long you can survive in Endless Mode.

Symmetria is Game Center compatible with a leaderboard and achievements, as well. A one-time in-app purchase is available to get rid of all ads and access the full amount of content.

No word on when this title will be out in the U.S., but if you live in Canada, New Zealand, or The Netherlands, you can grab a copy right now for free.

Via: TouchArcade