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Wireless Charging

A New Sound Found in iOS 11 Could Be for the Rumored 'iPhone 8' Wireless Charging

Credit: iDropNews
An "iPhone 8" render.
June 28, 2017

A new sound included in iOS 11 could be used to indiciate when wireless charging is activated on the “iPhone 8.” The YouTube video was found by MacRumors.

The current sound, named “connect_power.caf” indicates when an user plugs in a Lightning cable into the an iPhone’s charging port. But the new sound, “engage_power.caf.”

Both sounds are compared in the video. The newly found sound is longer and very distinct. While included in iOS 11, that sound isn’t avaialble on an iOS device and can only be accessed with a computer.

While there are a number of sound included with previous iOS versions that aren’t used, this new file is definitely interesting as it possible that Apple want to provide a new sound to indicate wireless charging.

Early rumors pointed toward a long-range wireless charging solution for the new phone. But that apparently won’t be the case and Apple should offer some type of inductive solution like found with the Apple Watch. Some type of pad would need to be placed on the iPhone to begin a chargning process.

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