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Sphero's BB-8 made a fun appearance at SXSW

The droid took part in a cute racing competition at SXSW, but BB-8's personality can get in the way when it comes to racing
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March 14, 2016

BB-8, the cute, lovable droid from “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” made a surprise appearance at SXSW – at least, in the form of Sphero’s popular remote-controlled toy. In fact, BB-8’s appearance even saw the droid take part in the cutest race ever.

Forget podracing

Forget podracing

Forget podracing

The venue? Mashable House at SXSW. The participants? A couple of Sphero’s BB-8 droids, of course! (Sadly, R2-D2 couldn’t attend.) Let the fun commence. Though, as you can see in Macworld’s video, BB-8 isn’t the most agile droid on the racetrack, even if he is the sweetest.

As you can see, Mashable House hosted what could be the first ever BB-8 head-to-head race, in which a couple of the toy droids made their way around a course in a bid to finish first. Using the touch-based controls on Apple’s iPhone, the human drivers aimed to avoid as many obstacles as possible while navigating the droid. Because, of course, Sphero’s BB-8 doesn’t like crashing into sofas and chairs (cue red-face!).

Check out the video for yourself:

Can’t this be a new thing? After all, it’d give me a valid excuse to pick up a BB-8 droid of my own. The price tag and pure novelty factor have so far helped me resist a purchase, even if Sphero’s creation is arguably the coolest “Star Wars” toy to hit store shelves in recent years.

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