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Starbucks iMessage app

Starbucks iMessage App Lets You Send Digital Gift Cards With Apple Pay

Send someone some love and latte
April 5, 2017

The official iOS app of Starbucks has just been updated with its very own iMessage extension. And as expected, the Starbucks iMessage app offers the ability to send digital gift cards with Apple Pay.

New iMessage app for gifts

New iMessage app for gifts

After downloading the latest version of the main Starbucks app, you’ll be able to use the new Starbucks iMessage app in the Messages app. By default, new iMessage apps should be installed automatically. If you don’t see the Starbucks iMessage app, tap the App Store icon in the Messages app, tap the “four dots” icon to open the app drawer, tap the plus button to open the iMessage App Store, tap the Manage tab, and turn on the switch for Starbucks Gifts.

To access the Starbucks iMessage app, open the app drawer and tap Starbucks Gifts. From there, you can start sending digital gift cards to your friends and loved ones.

To make gift card sending possible, the Starbucks iMessage app integrates with Apple Pay. So you’ll be prompted to first set up Apple Pay if you haven’t yet.

With the Starbucks iMessage app, sending a gift card is just a matter of opening an iMessage conversation with the person you want to send a gift card to, choosing a gift card design and denomination ($5, $10, or $25), and buying the gift card by checking out with the credit or debit card you have on record with Apple Pay.

The gift card is sent as a message in the iMessage conversation. The recipient can then tap the message to use the gift card either to pay for orders in a Starbucks store or to join Starbucks Rewards to earn free drinks and food — as with any Starbucks gift card sent via email.

The Starbucks iMessage app offers a more convenient and personal way than email for you to send gift cards to people who matter to you. So the next time you want gift Starbucks perks to instantly send a birthday wish, express your gratitude, or just brighten someone’s day, do it with the Starbucks iMessage app — provided, of course, that the recipient uses iMessage, too.

Surprise someone special with an instant gift, seamlessly integrated into your texting conversation. It’s way more delightful than asking someone you love to check their email.

More new features

More new features

Apart from the new iMessage app, the latest update to the Starbucks app brings other enhancements.

The ordering interface has been revamped with a new look and new animations, the ability to remove or duplicate items with a tap, updated card views for viewing all customizations, and visual tweaks to suggested items.

There’s also a new filter option in the store locator to make it easier to find the Nitro cold brew at a nearby Starbucks store.

And if you’ve opted to receive notifications, you may now receive new messages based on how often you use the app.