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Strategic Card Game, Evolution, Gets The Digital Treatment

The game from North Star Games is making the leap from the gaming table to your iPhone.
Pocket Gaming
March 8, 2017

Evolution is a real-life analog strategic card game that gets players to create and adapt their own species of fantastical animals in a fictional ecosystem that includes ravenous predators and only a few resources.

The digital version of Evolution is nearing the final phases of development, and North Star Games took some time out to show off the current build to AppAdvice’s Trevor Sheridan at last week’s Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

In this upcoming digital title, you’ll need to play your cards right to help evolve your species. You’ll have little animals trying to survive, adapting to the ecosystem while trying to find food and avoid predators. Whoever eats the most is the winner. There are 17 different trait card types that you can add to your species. Each turn will find you adding these traits, using food, or increasing your animal’s body size and attack power.

There’s a single-player campaign to train up with, and the team at North Star Games is also planning a Kickstarter project in mid-2017 to help fund the addition of online multiplayer and skill-based game matching.