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GDC 2017: Check Out Vivid Games' Upcoming Lineup

Space exploration, casual auto racing, and arena battles are coming soon.
Credit: Vivid Games
Outer Pioneer
Pocket Gaming
March 8, 2017

Vivid Games, the developer/publisher behind Real Boxing and Godfire: Rise of Prometheus, has some cool-looking new mobile games headed your way in the coming months. CEO Remi Kościelny took some time out from a busy Game Developers Conference this past week to show them off to AppAdvice’s Trevor Sheridan, who attended the expo in San Francisco.

Highway Getaway

Highway Getaway

Here’s an endless runner racing game that plays like a television police chase you might see on TV. The car will drive on its own, so you don’t have to worry about steering or accelerating, and you’ll just need to swipe to move across four lanes on the highway while you avoid the law.

There are about 200 missions to complete, along with several daily ones to keep you engaged in Highway Getaway.

There will be special missions, too, like picking up fuel cans, dodging police barricades and spike strips, or even robbing a money truck. You’ve got up to three collisions in you, and the traffic that you need to avoid will pile up as you get farther along the highway.

Highway Getaway launches March 9 and will be free to download and play, with car upgrades and other unlockables available as in-app purchases.

Trevor gets a sneak peek at Highway Getaway/

Metal Fist: Urban Domination

Metal Fist: Urban Domination

Inspired by the combat style of Super Smash Bros, Metal Fist: Urban Domination is an arena-based real-time combat game that will get you fighting head-to-head online.  You’ll take to each arena to battle your foes one at a time, grabbing various special power-ups scattered around the map to help assure your victory.

There are a ton of upgradeable characters and unlockable weapons to enhance your power, including more than 100 skills to use. Need some extra practice? There’s an included single-player mode that will let you train up before entering the ring with live players.

Metal Fist: Urban Domination is slated for release in the second quarter of this year.

Outer Pioneer

Outer Pioneer

A space combat game that is about exploring new planets, and conquering them. Each planet is a map to take control of with real time strategy with specific points to control with 3rd person shooting combat as well as access to building turrets, and other towers to help in your conquest. Plays a bit like Star Wars: Force Arena.

Outer Pioneer shows promise as a single-player planet exploration game that can also be played cooperatively with a buddy online. As if that wasn’t cool enough, there are raid modes to let you team up with several buddies, or a versus mode that will pit you head-to-head for control of a given planet.

It also has visuals that remind us of No Man’s Sky, which isn’t a bad thing.

Outer Pioneer includes some RPG elements, which will let you enhance your character’s skills and abilities to help them along their way. There will also be daily and weekly events in-game to add to the wide variety of combat and exploration quests in the single player campaign.

 This interesting-looking new title should arrive in late 2017.