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The iPhone 7 Has a Backup Home Button if the Touch-Sensitive Version Fails

iOS 10 can automatically detect if the button is having issues
October 17, 2016

With the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus featuring a touch-sensitive home button powered by the Taptic Engine instead of a mechanical version, there’s a new way to hard restart the device – simultaneously pressing the sleep/wake and volume down button.

An on-screen backup

An on-screen backup
The error message and on-screen home button.

The error message and on-screen home button.

Credit: MacRumors

And a MacRumors reader also received an interesting error after the haptic feedback began to malfunction on his iPhone 7. As you can see, the message indicates that iOS 10 has determined that the home button needs night need servicing.

It also provides a backup, on-screen button that allows the handset to remain usable.

The next-generation iPhone will reportedly drop the home button all together in favor something built directly into the screen.