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pixel xl vs iPhone 7 plus speed test

The iPhone 7 Plus Smokes Google's Pixel XL in Speed Test Comparison

The iPhone 7 still holds the title for fastest phone on the planet
October 26, 2016

YouTube speed test extraordinaire Phonebuff has put together a new video comparing the iPhone 7 Plus and Google’s new flagship phone, the Pixel XL. Who wins? Did you not read the title of this post?

When compared to the iPhone 7 Plus, not only did Google’s Pixel XL lose, but it took nearly twice as long to complete two rounds of the same apps. Remember, this is despite the fact that the Pixel XL has an extra GB of RAM and is using the latest SnapDragon 821 processor.

What’s even worse, the Pixel is not much faster than the heavily skinned Samsung Galaxy Note 7, a phone that has since been pulled from the market due to faulty battery issues.

The video clearly shows how far ahead Apple is when it comes to optimizing hardware and software together, something we can’t say for any other smartphone.

You can check more of Phonebuff’s videos here, where the iPhone 7 continues to slaughter the competition.