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Three Great Gift Ideas for Apple Fans

December 17, 2020

Are you still looking for gift ideas for the Apple fan in your life? Here are three great ideas still in stock today.

Nomad Base Station

Nomad Base Station

The Nomad Base Station Walnut Edition is a beautiful way to keep your iPhone and AirPods wirelessly charged.

Using real wood, each station has a unique look. You can charge two devices simultaneously on the padded leather surface. A special ambient light sensor will dim the LEDs at night to help keep your room dark.

And with two additional ports, a USB-A and 18W USB-C, you can easily charge additional Apple devices like an Apple Watch.

Rubber feet will help keep the base station stable on any surface.

Woolnut Case for AirPods Pro

Woolnut Case for AirPods Pro

If you’re looking for a great way to protect your AirPods Pro, Woolnut has you covered.

The company’s case for Apple’s earbuds is made with beautiful and soft full-grain leather. It will even develop a patina over time. An interior microfiber lining protects the case as well. The case is compatible with wireless charging and available in three colors.

SYLVANIA Roadsight Stealth Dash Camera

SYLVANIA Roadsight Stealth Dash Camera

Living up to its name, the SYLVANIA Roadsight Stealth Dash Camera takes up minimal space on your windshield while it records what is happening while you drive.

It records 1440p video at 30fps with a 140-degree field of view. A 16GB microSD card is included.

You’ll manage the camera’s settings and view photos and videos recorded with the companion app. Video can also be downloaded to an iPhone and shared with others.

A dashcam isn’t something you hope to use, but recorded footage of an accident can be crucial to determining who is at fault, which can save you money.