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Twisty Sky

Aim High in Twisty Sky, a Colorful and Clever Endless Climber

The Sky’s the Limit
Pocket Gaming
March 16, 2017

Endless runners are a dime a dozen on the App Store (although, if we’re being a bit literal, a vast majority of them are available for free). But what about endless climbers? Well, the newly released game Twisty Sky seeks to add another notch to the tally of games in the less densely populated genre of endless climbers on iOS.

In Twisty Sky, you must go up a constantly growing and evolving tower by swiping its blocks and thereby lining up ladders for your character to climb. To make the game more challenging, you also have to deal with the presence, both above and below, of evil monsters called Goonswarm.

Twisty Sky - Endless Tower Climber

The ladder of success

Twisty Sky - Endless Tower Climber The ladder of success
The ladder of success

To make your ascent up the tower, you need to swipe the block right above your character so that the ladder configurations line up to create a continuous path for you to climb. If that sounds dead simple, wait till the pesky Goonswarm start pursuing you. To get rid of them, you need to disconnect ladders by swiping tower blocks above and below your character, or you can swipe to use various objects as weapons along the way, such as windmill blades, boxing gloves, and conveyor belts. When enough Goonswarm catch up with you, it’s game over. Needless to say, the key to reaching great heights in Twisty Sky is quick thinking coupled with quick swiping.

Twisty Sky - Endless Tower Climber

A colorful cast of characters

Twisty Sky - Endless Tower Climber A colorful cast of characters
A colorful cast of characters

Notice how Twisty Sky has the same name pattern as Crossy Road? Well, the similarity actually extends to the fact that, just like that popular endless hopper, this endless climber features a collection of quirky characters that may be unlocked with in-game coins or via in-app purchase — from a hapless hen to a meme-tastic dog, from a cheerful box of crayons to a splashy toilet. A different character is practically its own theme, as it comes with its unique visual effects and sounds.

Developed by Elephant Mouse, the studio behind the card strategy game Star Trek Rivals and the multiplayer first-person shooter Archetype, Twisty Sky is not your ordinary endless climber. Instead of just letting you progress from one level to another with a cursory swipe here and there, it puts your reflexes and puzzle-solving skills to the test as you strive to do the right swipes to line up your path as you climb toward the top. And it features some truly colorful characters to boot.

Twisty Sky engages the mind, heart and reflexes in a fun endless climber that’s bursting with color and personality. Pick it up and play for a few minutes and you’ll find yourself swiping to reach the sky as you try to outrace the Goonswarm—find out how high you can climb!

- Dane Baker, CEO of Elephant Mouse

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, Twisty Sky is available now on the App Store for free, with in-app purchases for unlocking characters.

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Twisty Sky - Endless Tower Climber
Twisty Sky - Endless Tower Climber
Elephant Mouse LLC