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Twitter's Redesigned iOS App

Twitter’s Redesigned iOS App Features a Safari Viewer, Side Navigation Bar and More

Digital Communicator
June 15, 2017

Twitter has just announced a major redesign to its iOS app with the move to version 7.0. All of the changes will roll be rolling out in the coming days and weeks.

A look at the redesigned app.

A look at the redesigned app.

Along with a major visual refresh offering bolder headlines, refined typography, rounded profile images, and more, the app will feature more intuitive icons for newcomers to the social media network.

Another major change is the new side navigation menu. That will offer a one-stop shop for important information like your profile, additional accounts, settings, and privacy.

Links will open using the in-app Safari viewer so users can easily login to sites they are already signed into.

Finally, using the app, any tweets will update instantly with information like reply, retweet, and like counts.

Twitter is designed for the iPhone/iPod touch and all iPad models. It can be downloaded now on the App Store for free.

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