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While the iPhone 7 Makes a Splash in Water, Hard Surface Drops Are Still a Big Issue

Another good reason to use a case
September 19, 2016

Even though the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus only hit the market on Friday, Apple’s latest handset have already been put through a battery of torture tests including a dunk in hot coffee and soda and a brutal scratch, burn, and bend test.

SquareTrade, a provider of handset insurance, has also chimed in with another interesting battery of tests.

What goes up....

What goes up....

Along with testing out both handset’s water resistance, the company did its best to bend, drop, and tumble the iPhones. The firm also tested out Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 at the same time (hopefully a version with a safe battery.)

And without further ado, here’s the complete video.

I’m pleased to see that the iPhone can truly withstand a brush with water. That should help save more than a few trips to the Apple Store for some unlucky iPhone users who happen to drop their phone in the bath or toilet.

While I’m not surprised the new iPhones meet their maker after a few drops onto concrete, Apple is at making it a little easier for buyers who add AppleCare+ for their handset. For the additional $129 fee, Apple will cover two incidents of accidental damage during the first two years of ownership. While you’ll need to pay $99 for any incident of general damage, only a $29 fee applies to repair the screen.