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My Wow Memories Is a Photo Sharing App that Lets You Easily Turn Pictures into Movies

October 18, 2021

One of the great advantages of the smartphone age is that we’ve all got powerful and easy-to-use cameras in our pockets pretty much all of the time.

Gone are the days when a memorable party, concert, or holiday could go undocumented, like tears in rain. Instead, your camera roll is a record of your every movement.

But this has created a new problem: picture and video overload. You may not have to worry about missing out on photo opportunities, but you may struggle to locate your photos in the mountainous jumble of thumbnails that greets you when you visit your gallery.

My Wow Memories will fix that for you in a jiffy.

Available for free, or through a small monthly subscription for the premium version, My Wow Memories is a gallery app that lets you create events for your pictures and videos, effortlessly produce highlight movies, and share content with your friends.

Say it’s your kid’s first day at school. You can create an event in the app and then add the pictures you take throughout that day to the event, including breakfast, home time, the post-school nap, and the obligatory doorstep portrait of your child in uniform.

You can share this event with your parents, siblings, in-laws, and so on, and they’ll get updates as new photos appear, allowing you to fulfil your family obligations without any effort at all.

And before you go to sleep you can watch the highlight movie in bed, shedding a tear and wondering where the time went.

Or you can do something more carefree and hedonistic involving the festival you’re attending,the holiday you’re jetting off to, or the puppy you’ve just adopted, keeping your friends and family up-to-date and preserving your precious moments for posterity.

Whatever you use My Wow Memories for, you’ve got total control. Not only can you choose whom to add to a group, but you can decide which members of that group are allowed to access the photos you upload on an individual basis.

My Wow Memories is free to download and use, with a $2.99 monthly subscription for the premium version, which removes watermarks, ads, and logos, and gives you access to all of the service’s music and unlimited sharing.

Head to the App Store to try it out.