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You can now broadcast live and share collages on Facebook

A recent update to the popular social app brings new features
Digital Communicator
April 6, 2016

Sharing fun videos and cool photos on Facebook are things that most users love to do and starting today, April 6, you will be able to do even more. You can now share live video broadcasts with your friends and photo collages created automatically for you.

Live video

When it is time to update your status on the Facebook app, you will see a live video button. Just tap it, choose from your front or rear facing camera, and start recording. You also have options to write a short description and pick your audience before going live.

As you are broadcasting, you can see how many friends are viewing your live video, who they are, and see their comments in real-time. When you are finished, your video will pop up on your timeline.

You can also now be notified when friends begin a broadcast. Just tap on the subscribe button while watching one of their videos.

Photo and video collages

Now when you tap to add a photo to your status, you have the option to share an entire collage of pictures. Your recent moments will be automatically combined into a collage. You can edit it, remove items from it, and rearrange them as well. This also works for your videos.

Are you ready to start broadcasting live on Facebook? The live video feature should not be surprising due to the popularity of apps like Periscope. And of course, the new collage feature will likely be a huge hit for those who love to share their photos and videos of vacations and special events.

if you still do not have the app, you can get it for free on the app store

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