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Where Angels Cry
Where Angels Cry

Bring Prior Pakal To Justice In The Monastery Where Angels Cry

April 10, 2013

Where Angels Cry (Free) by G5 Entertainment Where Angels Cry is a point-and-click adventure of epic proportion. The same app developer who brought you The Secret Society, and most recently, Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden has just launched another journey filled with mystery, intrigue, and ghostly help.

You will be playing the roll of an investigator who has secretly been hired to unlock the mystery of a disappearing monk. You don’t have the luxuries of modern technology to help you in your quest. This game takes place in medieval times.
Players mix their secret work of exposing the murderer of the hilltop monastery with the mundane tasks of their supposed identity. During the day, harvest vegetables and clean horse stables. At night, explore the underground catacombs, looking for evidence of the ill-fated missing monk.

Players visit different areas of the monastery to perform tasks or unlock secrets. Sometimes, you’ll have to travel through multiple buildings in order to get the item you need. For example, you may need to find a way to heat up water. However, you will have to find an axe in one building, sharpen it in another, chop wood and make a fire in a different location, and then find a brick for heating somewhere else.

When night falls, players will interact with ghosts, gather information about the missing monk, and play mini games that open secret passageways.

In my opinion, this game is not up to par with G5s other releases. The graphics are weak and two-dimensional, even though they are supposed to be 3-D. The characters don’t move or interact with you in any way and many objects are nothing more than repeats of themselves, making it very difficult to figure out what can be picked up and what is just background imagery.

Additionally, the user interface is awkward. If you tap an object on the ground, anywhere near the center of the screen, you may accidentally back out of a scene. I did this several times and it was very annoying.

The app is free to download and the first few acts are included. For $4.99, you can unlock the entire game, which is currently at a 30 percent discount. While I love point-and-click adventures and have been very pleased with other releases from G5 Entertainment, I have to say that I don’t think this game is worth the five-dollar price tag. Download the first few acts for free and see for yourself.

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