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Think Outside the Box in Outfolded

August 23, 2016
Think Outside the Box in Outfolded

Outfolded (Free) by 3 Sprockets is an infinite, minimalistic puzzle game that is all about unfolding shapes to get to your goal. If you enjoyed titles like Blyss and Flipominos, then you will like what Outfolded offers.

While I’ve been playing video games for over a decade now, having gone through many genres during my time as a gamer and reviewer here at AppAdvice, there’s always one genre that I just keep coming back to: puzzles. While it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, it’s definitely mine, because I love keeping my mind stimulated and puzzle games do a great job of that while being relaxing at the same time. For me, it’s the best way to unwind after a long day. I feel like I’ve gone through pretty much all of the puzzle games on the App Store, but that doesn’t stop me from keeping my eyes peeled for new ones, especially the games that have fresh new concepts involved. When I saw Outfolded on the App Store, I was intrigued and had to check it out myself.

Think Outside the Box in Outfolded

Visually, Outfolded is beautiful with the minimalistic, isometric aesthetic. The game is rendered in 3-D with an angled, top-down perspective that is similar to Monument Valley and other inspired games. The color themes in the game are gorgeous, as they range from softer pastels to more vibrant hues, and the more subtle backgrounds match the foreground colors nicely. Animations in Outfolded are smooth and fluid with no lag on my iPhone 6s Plus, and the ambient, tranquil soundtrack is a joy to listen to as you play. Overall, 3 Sprockets has done an excellent job with Outfolded’s graphics and music, since you’ll feel immersed in the puzzles when you play the game.

While Outfolded is an infinite game, it does have “levels” for you to go through one-at-a-time, and the stages transition seamlessly into each other. The goal is to unfold the shapes to reach the end point, which is the flashing space on the grid. Even though it sounds pretty easy, things get tricky as there are holes in the layout that you have to navigate around, and you must think about the logical direction that each shape will go in as you unfold it. Fortunately, the game does have an unlimited amount of undos for you in case you make a mistake (they will happen frequently), and you can long-press the undo button to clear out all shapes and start that level over. If you’re stuck, the game has a hint system that guides you to the goal, but you start out with a handful — once they’re out, you’ll need to purchase more.

The controls in Outfolded are easy. In the bottom left will be a ribbon that holds all of the shapes that you’ll be using for the level. Just tap-and-drag a shape onto the board. The starting point will be where the last goal was, but in the beginning, you go through a tutorial that shows you what to do. Once the shape is on the board, just swipe your finger in the direction that you want to unfold the shape towards. When the shape runs out of sides, you’ll see a flashing square on the surface — this is where you put your next shape on, and repeat the process until you reach the goal point.

Think Outside the Box in Outfolded

As you get more intricate grids and more shapes, you’ll have to think and plan ahead about how to reach the objective. Still, thanks to unlimited undos, you’re able to take your time and figure out the solution at your own pace. And if you end up using a hint (the game gives you about six to start with), the grid subtly shows you the path you need to take in the correct shape order.

Additionally, after you get past level six, you’ll unlock the Daily Challenges. The daily puzzles will always be something different for the day, and they’re much trickier than the standard stages. If you can successfully solve them, you’ll be awarded more hints to use, which is nice to have. The game also has Game Center support for leaderboards, and you can compete with friends to see who has completed more levels in the game.

I’m still in the early stages of Outfolded, but I’m thoroughly enjoying the experience so far. The game looks stunning with the minimalist isometric perspective and fantastic color palette, the music soothes the soul, and the controls are easy enough for anyone to understand. The levels start out simple, but don’t be fooled — things pick up at a nice, gradual pace and you’ll need to start thinking ahead, but you’ll never be rushed.

I recommend checking out Outfolded if you enjoy puzzle games, or just want something challenging and different from your typical puzzle game. Outfolded is available on the App Store as a universal app for your iPhone and iPad for free. There are in-app purchases for more or unlimited hints.

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