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Art Mogul HD
Art Mogul HD

Run A Thriving Art Dealership In Art Mogul

February 2, 2013

Art Mogul HD (Free) by G5 Entertainment offers a new spin on a traditional genre. This is another hidden object game from G5, but instead of investigating a mystery, you’re filling the role of an art dealer, discovering and selling paintings for profit.

In this game you will visit art galleries around the world and play a mini game to find hidden objects in paintings that are for sale. For each object you find, you will receive a discount on the painting, allowing you to buy it on the cheap.

Paintings that you buy for an inexpensive price in one part of the world can then be sold in another city for a profit, which funds the purchase of even more paintings. The goal is to make money to progress through the game, turning into a thriving art dealer.

In addition to visiting art galleries, you can obtain paintings in two other ways: cafes and auction houses.

In cafes, you can get cheap paintings, but you need to keep an eye out for forgeries. To determine if a painting is real or fake, you will need to compare two paintings and spot the differences. If there are discrepancies, it’s fake, and it’s best to pass on the purchase.

At auction houses, you will bid for paintings that have been priced lower than their selling target. When bidding, if you quickly spot a highlighted item it will “stun” a bidder, allowing you to get a better price.

Selling off your paintings in various locations works similarly to buying them, and you will get a better price for finding specified objects and pointing them out.

Like most G5 hidden object games, Art Mogul features impressive graphics, from the paintings to the city environments. Here’s a little hint that I’ve shared before – when playing hidden object games, turn your brightness up for an easier way to find all of the items.

Art Mogul has a hint system if you’re having trouble finding objects, but you won’t need it. This is not a hard game.

The process of buying and selling paintings and finding objects can be repetitive, but I did enjoy Art Mogul’s unique spin on the hidden object genre. It offers a refreshing change that hidden object fans will enjoy.

I did have one major complaint – the game runs slowly on my third generation iPad. It often hangs in between each screen for a second or two, which makes if feel sluggish and slow. Other than that complaint, I thought Art Mogul was a solid hidden object game.

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