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Don’t Swipe
Don’t Swipe

Hate Camera Roll Snoopers? Don't Swipe Will Take Care Of Them

April 17, 2014

Don't Swipe ($0.99) by Caffeinated Apps is a nifty photo utility that takes the stress and pressure out of sharing your Camera Roll's contents with others in person.

We've all done it or heard it — an iPhone is used to share a picture in person, and its owner says “don't swipe!” Or maybe you have an embarrassing photo in your Camera Roll that your nosy friend comes across while they take it upon themselves to swipe through all of your photos.

Don't Swipe serves as a photo viewing app that prevents all of this accidental (or intentional) snooping. Through its simple and familiar interface, you can share photos with your friends in a way that closely mimics iOS' Photos app while resting assured that only the photos you choose will be accessible.

It's easy to get started. Your Camera Roll will show up in Don't Swipe as usual, and to begin the photo viewing process, slide your finger across rows of photos or just tap on them to select the ones you want to show off. Then, hit the checkmark button in the top right corner to begin viewing. Not only does swiping between photos and pinching to zoom feel identical to Apple's native interface, but tapping doesn't bring up any controls, so that mischievous friend of yours won't be able to share or delete photos either.

In order to get back to the main interface, you have to shake your iPhone. Shake gestures are usually shunned since they are often counterintuitive, but in an app like Don't Swipe, that's the whole point. You definitely don't want a guest figuring out how to go back to the Camera Roll where they can see all of your photos, and that's why a not-so-obvious gesture is needed here. However, I would like to see something like a passcode also be incorporated since someone could end up shaking the phone by accident.

While anyone can just close the app and open the plain Photos app, for an “average Joe” who might not realize that you're using a different app, Don't Swipe works perfectly. It provides an excellent photo viewing experience while keeping the iPhone's owner in control of what others can see. For anyone who frequently shows photos to others and doesn't like dealing with snoopers, you can find Don't Swipe for your iPhone on the App Store for $0.99.

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