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With Photo-Editing App Fragment, The Creators Of Tangent Have Done It Again

December 19, 2013

Fragment ($0.99) by Pixite LLC is the Tangent creator's latest photo app release, and while it is similar to their other editors, this app allows users to create interesting “prismatic” works of art that no other tool can replicate. In fact, out of the many various photo apps that Pixite has released, Fragment is my favorite thus far.

The whole concept of Fragment involves adding overlaying designs and patterns to a photo that are made up of other fragments of the same photo. For example, one can add a basic shape like a circle or square on top of the middle of a photo, and this shape will show a fragment of another part of the photo. This may seem like a silly idea, but it looks a whole lot cooler for more complex shapes.

As a better example, add a cube to the middle of a scenic photo, and each of the three faces showing will contain a different fragment. Or, add a spiral that consists of many circles, and each circle will hold a different fragment of the photo. Be sure to check out the featured and inline screenshots of this article, along with the gallery below for a better visual idea of how Fragment works.

Now, after adding a fragment, users can also make adjustments involving brightness, contrast, color additives, and blur for both the fragment and background photos via the pull-up toolbar. Your fragment of choice can also be repositioned, along with the position of the photo within it, by using the circular toggle at the top.

While Fragment can do some amazing tricks with some of the most ordinary photos you can think of (take a look at #fragmentapp on Instagram), it does not seem to work well with every photo. If you feel like you do not have any good ideas when editing a photo in Fragment, there is a handy shuffle button that will randomly generate a set of edits for you use or be inspired by.

For any iPhoneographer, Fragment may not be an essential tool, but it is an undoubtedly fun and artistic app to play with. I cannot wait to spend time creating more masterpieces with this app.

To begin making your own unusual art, get Fragment for iPhone and iPad in the App Store for $0.99.

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