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Jet Trains
Jet Trains

Race Against The Fastest Jet Trains In The World

December 10, 2012

Jet Trains ($0.99) by Realore is an action-packed iPad arcade racing game with upgradable trains and villainous foes. Show the world you run the fastest train around in this fast-paced train trip.

Players control a train engine in a race against four other opponents. The goal is to win all of the races in a location in order to catch the interest of the big boss. Then, you’ll be able to avenge your father’s death by competing against the man who sent him to his grave.

The trains are on auto run and it is your job to direct them to different tracks. To move to a track above, tap the up arrow. To move to the track below, tap the down arrow. Different tracks offer different bonuses, but also present various dangers.

For example, you may pick up a power up that lets you speed like a rocket for a few seconds, but that same track may have a disable train car on it, or even worse, a dead end.

Players race against four other computer-generated opponents who are surprisingly intelligent. Sometimes, you’ll find yourself neck-and-neck with an opponent who intentionally keeps you from relocating to a different track so that you end up crashing.

Each time you play, you’ll earn coins, which are used to upgrade your train, or buy new ones. New train engines cost a pretty penny, so it is smarter to get your little chugger in its best form so you can beat the bums you race against early on.

The goal is to race all 31 tracks in six different locations with bosses at the end of each location. Every time you win a race, it will unlock new levels.

Players can earn extra coins by playing in infinity mode. In this mode, players don’t race against opponents, but they collect coins and earn special bonuses for performing stunts and the like. The coins you earn can also be used to help upgrade your train without you having to deal with any competition.

There is an annoying issue with lag that doesn’t affect the game, but messes with your vision. Sometimes, the game will shake and stutter. It can cause irritating eyestrain since you are already trying hard to focus on a fast-paced side-scrolling race. A few times, after a race, I’d look away from the screen only to feel disoriented and a little dizzy.

This game is tons of fun and full of action. Other than the annoying game stutter and possible eye damage, this is one for the permanent collection. If you like side-scrolling racing games this will get you moving.

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